carpe diem

i bet sheep don’t plan, organise and stress – they eat, run, stare, socialise and repeat.

one of my main goals with the exchange is to become more of a spontaneous adventurer and get rid of the minute-scheduled planning freak. i feel the success already, or what do you think?

a sunday evening after being ill and bored turned into coffee + a tour up to the nearby hills with my new lovely kiwi friend chloe and her french ❤ coachsurfers

another ordinary day after campus and workout i made my favourite food and was about to start indulging, but got interrupted by a shouting jesse 🙂
and who says no to a dinner invitation with the opportunity to meet (new) friends.
… and i had next day’s lunch already prepared!


4 thoughts on “carpe diem

  1. I also like the sheep landscape very much. Even the fact that it looks like the horizon is leaning to the left gives the picture added dynamic and direction. Although I am not so fond of lens flare normally theses ones are perfectly placed and add depth to the picture.

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    1. love to get these more in-to-depth photo analysis! i almost knew you were going to mention the flare, but nice that you like it here (me too actually) 🙂


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